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11 pm on a Sunday Night

Here we are, at 11:03 on a Sunday night in May. Sweetness is watching her ‘Praise Babies’ video while running around the living room, throwing a balloon up and catching it. Light and Pitmaster are busy sleeping away. I’m regretting 2 things. 1) not taking a nap with Light this afternoon; and 2 letting Sweetness take a nap in the late afternoon

Since she was born, Sweetness has been like this. Whenever she has a major developmental spurt coming up, it affects her sleep. She’ll either stay up very late or be wide awake in the middle of the night. One of the first times she did this, the next day she  discovered and started saying “Ba-ba-ba” very distinctly.

Actually, let me rephrase that. Sweetness was a bad sleeper from the get-go. At least, according to all the sleep books. She didn’t sleep through the night, she didn’t take long naps, it was hard to get her to sleep. I remember laying in our room so many nights, trying and trying and trying to get her to sleep. We’d committed to not practicing crying-it-out (CIO) very early on, so that wasn’t an option. I’d also gotten it into my head that it would be a very. bad. thing. to nurse her to sleep while I was watching TV or on the computer. She needed to sleep in the bedroom, with the lights off and the fan on. Period.

After particularly rough stretches, I’d call up my friend who lived just up the road. Her child was a little over two years old and had been the same type of sleeper Sweetness was. She encouraged me, shared stories with me, let me cry and moan and vent and reassured me that not all children are magical sleepers.

Then she told me about her son waking up in the middle of the night and bringing her their different plastic animals and asking her to make their sounds. She did so, between yawns and after an hour or so, they went back to bed. From that night forward, he knew all the animal sounds. I also found out about sleep regressions, via Ask Moxie and through that site, I learned about the book The Wonder Weeks.

So I began to pay attention to her developmental progress and her interrupted sleep. When she was close to a year old, we were awake about 3 in the morning. She kept bringing me books to read. I’d read–well, actually, I’d make up stories because I was so incredibly tired–she’d put the book down and bring me another one. By the time we were done 45 minutes later, there was a BIG pile of books around me and a little girl, a very tired little girl, laying on the floor.

Since that day, she has loved to read.

And just fyi, her sister is not like this at all. Her developmental leaps are more gradual and her sleep isn’t as interrupted. 🙂 Most of the time, that is!

So here we are, with the Praise Babies video going, Sweetness playing with a balloon. Oh, but now she’s picked up a book and is reading through it and identifying all the letters in it. I shall stop blogging and see if she’s ready to start reading words, not just looking at letters.

I wonder what type of developmental leap she is working on now!