Someone to Say “Bless You”

I am deeply thankful for our little girls. They are so hilarious, even when Sweetness has peed through her 5th pair of panties in a day.

They are both talkers too. Light knows how to make her desires for her ball or a balloon VERY well known. And Sweetness tells me all about her encounters with an ant or playing with her cars.

As we live together in this home of ours, they are learning from me what to do, what to say, how to act. And do I remember this–this cloud of two witnesses–that surround me? Usually I’m so caught up in daily life that I forget that they are watching me.

Today though, I sneezed and found out a simple truth. Usually I sneeze and then say “Bless you”. When anyone else sneezes, I always say “Bless you”. It goes back to my high school days, when I was not popular. When those in the in crowd sneezed, everyone said, “Bless you!” When I sneezed, well, no one did. And it rather hurt.

But today, when I sneezed, two little voices spoke up. One said, “Bless you Mommy!” The other sad, “Bea u”. And I have to admit, I got a little tear in my eye when I realized that my girls have picked up what I do and what I say when someone sneezes.

It’s nice to know that I’ll always hear “Bless you” as long as they are around. But what is even more important is knowing that my little cloud of witnesses are learning how to show sympathy for something as small as a sneeze.

May those around them always know the feeling of having someone say, “Bless you”.


About randomteacher

Alphabetically speaking I'm a mom, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, teacher, a student, a wife. In all these aspects, I'm always learning and putting together my learning. As an ENFP on the Myer's-Briggs Inventory, I also process things externally, so this time, I figured I'd save on my phone bill and blog about things instead

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