Huggles and Snugs

Have you seen this video?

If you don’t have access to it, let me give you a quick description. Baby kitty is having bad dream, while sleeping close to mommy. Mommy gives it a big hug, put her paws and head on the kitten, and kitten goes back to sleep.

When I first saw this today, I was struck by how much the baby relaxed when the mommy pulled it very close. It had been all tense, bu then just lost all of the stress when its mommy held it.

I have to admit, that’s one of the advantages of co-sleeping. When Sweetness had a bad dream, I just pulled her very, very close and if necessary, latched her on. All the tenseness left her body and she just relaxed back into sleep.

Kinda reminds me of what God wants to do with me. Have me snuggle into Him, relax in His tight embrace. I wish I was more like my girls and could do that whenever He draws me close.


About randomteacher

Alphabetically speaking I'm a mom, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, teacher, a student, a wife. In all these aspects, I'm always learning and putting together my learning. As an ENFP on the Myer's-Briggs Inventory, I also process things externally, so this time, I figured I'd save on my phone bill and blog about things instead

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