May 2, 2011 Pics

Well, not sunny again, huh.

We really need to pull out that plant that’s flowing over into the sidewalk and plant some pretty flowers.

And now for a our living room. Believe it or not, this was after 15 minutes of putting stuff away with help from Sweetness and Light.  I know that some of you will understand that life with toddlers and babies isn’t always tidy. And since I’m not a natural cleanie, unlike Pitmaster or my SILs, well, yeah. I’m working on it though, slowly but surely.

So, goal for the day is to get all the clothes and newspaper taken care of. Crossing my fingers!


About randomteacher

Alphabetically speaking I'm a mom, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, teacher, a student, a wife. In all these aspects, I'm always learning and putting together my learning. As an ENFP on the Myer's-Briggs Inventory, I also process things externally, so this time, I figured I'd save on my phone bill and blog about things instead

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