May 1, 2011 Pics

One of the things I want to do–I’ve wanted to do for years but just haven’t!–is show what’s happening outside our door in the morning. I’m aiming for 10 a.m., but if we’re going to be out and about, I’ll take a pic earlier. 😉

Here is Sunday, May 1. The grass is short because our neighbor oh so graciously offered to mow our front yard last week.

Look! Actual sunshine!!!

And in the interest of full disclosure and semi-transparency, I’m aiming to take a pic of our living room at the same time. Pre-babies, our living room was much more tidy. Well, pre-baby and now pre-company. 😉

Hm. Not too bad for a Sunday after a stay-at-home Sabbath.


About randomteacher

Alphabetically speaking I'm a mom, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, teacher, a student, a wife. In all these aspects, I'm always learning and putting together my learning. As an ENFP on the Myer's-Briggs Inventory, I also process things externally, so this time, I figured I'd save on my phone bill and blog about things instead

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